From the beginning of Ridge Church, we have made it a priority to seek God first in prayer. We understand the importance of prayer both as individuals and as a community of believers. While we encourage individuals to engage in daily prayer we have also created opportunities to engage in prayer as a community. There is no greater need in the life and ministry of a church, and we invite all of you to partner with us.



August 3rd – August 23rd 2017

Ridge Church Office
Monday – Friday 6am | Saturday 9am

At Ridge Church we have made it a priority to seek God first in prayer We do this collectively as a church in January and August through 21 days of prayer. These two months are intentional, as they begin new seasons of the year. Together, we faithfully seek God first, trusting in His power alone to create lasting impact in our lives, our church, and our world.
If you have been looking for a way to grow closer to God and grow in your faith this year 21 days of prayer is a great place to start. This is something we do collectively as a Church at the beginning of each year to seek God’s blessing and direction. At the prayer services, you will put seeking God first into practice. You will see a difference in your relationships, your work, your family and every area of your life. It is then that you will best be able to spread His love to others.

Wednesday Morning Prayer 

Every Wednesday morning, we gather to pray for our Sunday services from 6 to 7am. We also spend time praying over the individual prayer request we have received. This is a great time of renewal and preparation, and we would love for you to join us.


  • Wednesday 6:00am – 7:00am
  • Ridge Church Office

Prayer Team 

For those who feel called to make a difference through prayer, our prayer team prays during Sunday services for the people attending and those leading. To learn more about how to serve on the prayer team register for Navigate class.

Join Prayer Team


If you need prayer or you want to share what God is doing in your life, we would love to have the opportunity to pray for you and your family.